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CPU Eat n Cool is an application that cools your CPU
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Stefano Ciccarelli

CPU Eat n Cool is an application that cools your CPU. The name tells it all actually. The application will perform certain commands so that your CPU remains cool even when several applications are opened. There are many applications like this, but they often take different approaches. Most of them increase the speed of your fans so that more heat can be exhausted from the surface of the CPU. However, that is not a solution to the problem, and, after all, fans are only so powerful. CPU Eat "n" Cool does things differently. Instead of taking the heat from the CPU it manages to keep it relatively cold. It achieves this by performing commands that decrease the "pace" of CPU-intensive operations. It doesn't completely stop them, but, when it detects an application that is causing some heat on your CPU, it automatically separates them from the rest and applies a slowing process to it. Of course, performance will be influenced by this. So, if you don't mind your CPU to run slower, this will take care of that excess of heat.

José Fernández
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  • It cools your CPU


  • by slowing it down
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